On Monday, the Tories will be publishing their manifesto. Here at Interel we have been dissecting the 2015 manifesto, and the various announcements made by the Government in the last year, in order to speculate about what may or may not be in the manifesto. We have been thinking about the kind of discussions the manifesto committee (led by Ben Gummer) will have been having over the last few weeks.

We believe that there will be five key considerations for deciding what to put in the manifesto:

  • How can the Conservatives win Leave voters in Labour heartland areas?
  • How can the Conservatives win seats from the SNP in Scotland?
  • How can the Conservatives defend Remain voting seats from the Lib Dems?
  • How much should the Conservatives deviate from David Cameron’s 2015 manifesto?
  • Should the Conservatives take advantage of Labour’s weak standing to propose tough but necessary policies, or should they go for popular policies and win as big a majority as possible?

The core messages, which they will want to communicate through the manifesto are that this is a Government that can:

• Deliver a clean and orderly Brexit.
• Provide economic security.
• Offer strong and stable leadership.
• Do more to help families on modest or lower incomes.

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