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By-election in the old blue wall: blueprint for the south?

Orange brigade are coming to town Bright orange triangle signs are popping up in house fronts. The empty shop has been taken over. Bar charts of dubious veracity are adorning leaflets. The ‘super local’ candidate is in place. Potholes are being mentioned. We know what this means… The Lib Dems smell a by-election upset in […]

CSR postponement fallout: Competition. Security. Reform.

Three things that the CSR postponement leaves unanswered   Today’s announcement from the Chancellor that the multi-year spending settlement is being pushed back to next year with an interim one year 2021/22 carry over budget for departments leaves a number of questions unanswered beyond the pure government finance allocations. I explore three areas here around […]

Will there be a new tech political contract after Covid-19?

Business continuity has relied on technology platforms and questions on workforce flexibility have been accelerated. Digital transformation through cloud, automation and data analytics may reach terminal velocity as FDs drive efficiency. The resilience of our economy and supply chains has been maintained through the digital processes underpinning them. Social media has become a quite-literal lifeline. […]