Stephen Edwards

Stephen is Interel UK’s Deputy Managing Partner, specialising in national and local public service delivery. He is also Group Head of Technology. Stephen is a highly experienced public affairs operator with over twelve years of experience. His Mersey Gateway campaign won the CIPR PRiDE gold award in 2012, and he was short-listed for Public Affairs News Consultant of the Year in 2012. He holds an MSc in Politics from LSE.

Posts by Stephen Edwards

The license to innovate

In response to the advent of new technology early in the 19th century, skilled English mill workers smashed the new weaving machines that were endangering their jobs and their working conditions. The actions of the so-called Luddites ultimately proved fruitless, as a harsh response from factory owners and the authorities put down the revolt. Their […]

Is the party over for the Conservatives?

An increasingly fraught battle within a proud political party. Senior members of the same party trading personal insults publicly on a daily basis. And a high risk that the eventual outcome of this war could have a discernible impact on the long term future of that party, whatever the outcome of the current contest. I’m […]