Stephen Bramall

Stephen Bramall leads on transport in London. With over thirty five year’s experience of working in the transport sector, both within government and as a seasoned public affairs practitioner, he has unrivalled experience in developing comprehensive strategies to inform and shape transport policy and to manage campaigns to advance a client’s commercial interests. With significant experience of the various legislative processes, procurement procedures and stakeholder engagement strategies, Stephen provides the highest level strategic counsel to transport interests, as well as providing hands on practical advice on the most effective way to inform and shape transport policy and procurement strategies.

Posts by Stephen Bramall

The election: A constitutional crisis?

Are we sleepwalking into a constitutional crisis? Asks our Director of Transport, Steve Bramall With a week to go to polling day, the opinion polls tell us that Labour is in with a good chance of being the largest party on 8 May and, should Ed Miliband so chose, will be able to run an effective […]

Reflections on the 1992 Election: an election worth losing?

23 years ago today the UK went to the polls for a general election which most commentators at the time, as well as the opinion polls, were forecasting would see the Labour Party, led by Neil Kinnock, back in No 10 for the first time in 13 years. In the end John Major led the […]

Will GE2015 advance the case for proportional representation?

The consensus is that the outcome of general election in May is too close to call.  Today Labour looks to be on course to be the largest party, but it is far from clear whether it will form a coalition – and if so with which of the minor parties – or seek to govern […]

Network Rail running out of steam?

It’s easy to criticise. And the catastrophic engineering overruns over Christmas which led to the complete closure of King’s Cross and Paddington stations on Boxing Day certainly provided the media and politicians with rich pickings. I’m not about to leap to the defence of Network Rail or its extremely well paid senior executives. The scale […]

The surge of UKIP

Is the surge in popular support for UKIP simply a mid-term protest vote against the established parties, or is something more fundamental stirring in the electorate’s general attitudes towards politics? Let’s look at the facts.  Up until the three by-elections that were held on 29 November 2012, UKIP barely registered a blip on the electorate’s […]