Stephen Bramall

Stephen Bramall leads on transport in London. With over thirty five year’s experience of working in the transport sector, both within government and as a seasoned public affairs practitioner, he has unrivalled experience in developing comprehensive strategies to inform and shape transport policy and to manage campaigns to advance a client’s commercial interests. With significant experience of the various legislative processes, procurement procedures and stakeholder engagement strategies, Stephen provides the highest level strategic counsel to transport interests, as well as providing hands on practical advice on the most effective way to inform and shape transport policy and procurement strategies.

Posts by Stephen Bramall

Friday 13th: Could this be the day that Boris Johnson saved his premiership?

In western culture Friday the 13th is seen by many as a deeply unlucky day.  But for Boris Johnson Friday 13th November 2020 may turn out to be a very lucky day indeed.  It might even be the day that he saved his premiership.  The sudden dramatic, and very public, departure of Lee Cain, his […]

Devolution versus centralisation

One of the issues that must surely exercise minds in Whitehall over the coming weeks and months is whether there is any justification in pushing the devolution agenda in England even further or whether, on the contrary, the COVID-19 pandemic has so changed the political and policy landscape that we might even see the devolution […]

The inconsistent government approach to transport and coronavirus

The transport industry is well and truly on its knees.  Bus and rail patronage is down by anything between 90 and 95%, while airlines have grounded entire fleets.  There is almost no part of the transport industry that has been untouched by coronavirus – from public transport and coach operators, to airlines and airports, to […]

May’s Brexit Showdown

Could next week, 12th June to be precise, signal the beginning of the end for Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party?  Will she succeed in reversing the amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill made by the House of Lords; will she be forced to concede some of the amendments in order to overturn others, […]

Thoughts on the Rail Strategy

Hot on the heals of the government’s Industrial Strategy, the Department for Transport has published its latest strategy for the railways. The headline grabbing stuff about opening up new routes to unlock housing and development sounds exciting enough, and probably is if it all comes to pass, but aside from plans for the new East […]

Now until 2020: The Great era of political chaos?

With the Party conference season over, now is a good moment to assess the broad political landscape, because whichever way you look at it, it’s not pretty. Much has been written about the problems faced by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, and doesn’t need too much repetition here.  Safe to say that with one recent ICM […]