Michael McLaughlin

Michael joined Interel in May 2016 following a series of internships in both public and corporate affairs. As the Research Executive, Michael leads the Monitoring Unit in charge of updating the London office and wider Interel Group regarding political and parliamentary activity in the UK. Michael has a Masters degree in Political Communications from the University of Glasgow.

Posts by Michael McLaughlin

Cyber Privacy & Brexit

Whilst the majority of media attention on the internet today focuses on cyber attacks on, and privacy leaks from, organisations like Tesco Bank through to Ashley Madison, less attention is paid to the more mundane transfer of millions of pieces of personal data that happens daily. These exchanges are regulated by the EU, however the […]

‘Brexit: Irish eyes aren’t smiling….’

So, I had a whole article ready to go on Ireland’s attitude to Brexit and the implications at a political, economic and even cultural level and then the High Court in London made its ruling…..crikey, talk about a roller coaster ride with a public policy issue… Notwithstanding the increased uncertainty of the procedure and, whisper […]

Taking back control, sort of……

As the Times cartoon this morning illustrated, the Government’s desire to take back control has been undone… by the High Court reasserting its powers to hold the Government to account. The decision that Parliament should have final say on the triggering of Article 50 has added another wrinkle to the already turbulent process of extricating […]

Conference Season: Re-calibration, Reinvention or Ruin

One party that will be looking forward to Conference season more than others will be the Liberal Democrats, whose unity and cohesion has been unparalleled in England as the only party not to hold a leadership contest this summer. Leader Tim Farron’s aim of making the party more electable may become less of a burden […]

Theresa May’s Next 100 Days

Back from holiday and rested after one of the fastest leadership races on record, Theresa May has a challenging 100 days ahead of her as Parliament returns from Summer Recess on Monday 5th September. Several of these are likely to be: G20 Summit: 4th/5th September The G20 Leader’s summit, taking place on 4th and 5th […]