Michael McLaughlin

Michael joined Interel in May 2016 As the Research Executive, leading the Monitoring Unit during the EU Referendum and 2017 General Election. As Public Affairs Executive Michael supports a variety of clients across the digital, gambling and cultural sectors. Michael has a Masters degree in Political Communications from the University of Glasgow.

Posts by Michael McLaughlin

The digital world of local politics

Social media usage in Westminster took on a curious twist this week, with consultants and reporters all having a go on the brand new Matt Hancock app, launched unsurprisingly by the Culture Secretary to help him connect with voters in his constituency. Matt Hancock is not the first MP to try and connect directly to […]

Hammond’s last stand

When Philip Hammond makes his second budget address of the year next Wednesday, he will undoubtedly have the Prime Minister’s new favourite phrase “why can’t people do their jobs?”, in the back of his mind. Perhaps he will be wondering how long he’ll be allowed to continue doing his. This Budget is being viewed as […]

The Queen’s Speech: what was included, what was left out, and what happens next?

The Brexit Queen’s Speech? For months we’ve been told to expect a ‘Brexit Queen’s Speech’ – an agenda so focused on Brexit that all other legislation becomes secondary. Whilst domestic legislation has not been neglected altogether, with Bills on tackling domestic abuse, reforming the courts, and a consultation on social care, this Queen’s Speech was […]

General Election Analysis

Interel have compiled an analysis of the General Election with a breakdown of what the result means for each of the UK’s main political parties. To read the analysis in full click on the image below.

A Labour Government: the first 100 days

In the eventuality of all possibilities tonight, we take a look at what a potential Labour Government might look like in its first 100 days. Leadership Jeremy Corbyn has been asked a lot about his leadership qualities in recent days, repeatedly saying that his current Shadow Cabinet will form the next government, perhaps with some […]

How Theresa May could trigger an early General Election

General Election 2017? With the growing speculation surrounding a potential General Election this May, Interel has put together this briefing on what steps could be taken to trigger a General Election. The Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011 suspended the use of the Royal Prerogative, meaning that the Prime Minister can no longer use this power […]