Lee Whitehill

Lee is Group Marketing Director based in London where he leads the consumer and leisure sector. He has worked with a number of major clients in food and drink, customer services and technology. Before joining the company, Lee was Head of Campaigns and Media for Britain’s largest private sector trade union where he dealt with a range of high profile national issues.

Posts by Lee Whitehill

Will either Trump or Bercow make it to the state visit?

After the hand holding, Theresa May took her courtship of President Trump one step further on Valentine’s Day when she said how much she was looking forward to their second date later this year. Instead of chocolates or a card, the Prime Minister’s gift to Trump was the rejection of a petition signed by 2 […]

The ingredients of a good breakfast . . . I mean Brexit

If you’re bored by tractor production figures then best to look away now. If however, you’re concerned about how your business might cope post-Brexit then read on. The announcement that Nissan would not only produce the latest Qashqai model in the UK but also relocate production of the X-Trail to Sunderland was very welcome. Very […]

Coronation or Catastrophe?

Ahead of what could be a tumultuous and divisive Labour Party conference, where Jeremy Corbyn is widely expected to be re-elected as Party leader, we take a look at some of the most important things to look our for. Party mood? The mood of conference will be determined by the size of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory […]

Interel’s guide to the Queen’s Speech

On Wednesday the Queen will deliver the speech to outline her Government’s plans for the upcoming session of Parliament. It is a speech the Government wanted to avoid until after the EU Referendum on June the 23rd for two reasons. The first is because a new legislative program offers a hostage to fortune for Brexiteers, increasingly […]

What Super Thursday means for Labour

Tomorrow is Super Thursday. Elections are taking place in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Irish Assemblies, 125 English councils, 4 directly elected Mayoralties and 40 Police and Crime Commissioners. This will be first major test of Jeremy Corbyn’s new model army and will provide clues as to what shape Labour will be in to […]

The Fizzy Cat Strategy

It has become customary for the modern budget to be hailed as political triumph before unravelling on day two as journalists and the opposition crawl over the Red Book looking for evidence of reheated pasties. For many, the Chancellor’s decision presented just such an opportunity. His announcement of a sugar levy for soft drinks, which […]