Lee Whitehill

Lee is Group Marketing Director based in London where he leads the consumer and leisure sector. He has worked with a number of major clients in food and drink, customer services and technology. Before joining the company, Lee was Head of Campaigns and Media for Britain’s largest private sector trade union where he dealt with a range of high profile national issues.

Posts by Lee Whitehill

General Election 2019: A social media muddle?

The final week of an election campaign usually sees the party leaders tour the country, doubling down on their core messaging and visiting marginal constituencies. Modern election campaigns, however, now come with a further dimension in the shape of massive online advertising spend which targets finally tuned messages to audiences broken down by age, geography, […]

Briefing: Labour MPs split

So, it’s finally happened: after months of speculation, Labour’s outspoken centrist MPs have left the party, saying that the Labour leadership no longer shares their values. The MPs will sit in the House of Commons as The Independent Group and a website and social media channels were up and running by the time the seven […]

Who holds the key to a second referendum?

The dynamics of whether or not the Prime Minister will get her deal through Parliament has meant all eyes have been on rebels, both leave and remain, in her own party. However, what Labour decides to do may end up having a greater significance than events on the Conservative benches. Following months of what has […]

Do Marches Matter?

Comparisons have been drawn between the 700,000 strong Peoples Vote march on Saturday and the 1,000,000 who turned out to protest against the war in Iraq in 2003. The numbers for both events are obviously huge but the question is do demonstrations of this sort actually achieve anything? After all, the war in Iraq went […]

Labour Conference: Corbyn sets out red lines

At the start of Labour conference  we suggested three areas where Labour was facing maximum danger – its internal democracy review, Europe and a peoples’ vote, and on the potential for the fringe to produce some unsavoury gaffs. So how did they fare? In terms of the democracy review – check. The unions sideswiped Momentum […]

Labour Conference: The grassroots are in control

This time last year Labour went into its annual conference buoyed by a better than expected general election result and Jeremy Corbyn’s rapturous reception at Glastonbury. 12 months later, after a contentious summer of internal wrangling, a failure to deal effectively with anti-Semitism allegations and a continued onslaught from Fleet Street, conference will be a […]