Katherine Morgan

Katherine is Sector Head of Financial and Business Services in the London office. Previously, Katherine spent six years at a large UK based consultancy, advising a range of blue chip clients, including EDF Energy, RSA Insurance Group, Network Rail, and Everything Everywhere (EE). Prior to consultancy, Katherine worked in the UK Treasury and European Commission for eight years specialising in taxation and expenditure policy.

Posts by Katherine Morgan

Eight days to go and it’s all to play for

With just eight days to go and the end in sight, the campaigns are ramping up a gear. The economy is now the key battleground. In a politically astute move that is likely to win them votes the Conservatives have today trumped the other parties in announcing legislation guaranteeing no rise in income tax, VAT […]

Why it really matters

With fewer than 93 days to go the election battle is in full swing.  As ever, the political parties are developing their mantras and sticking to them. Both are fighting on the ground where they are strongest and they poll best. In the blue corner we have the Conservatives arguing that a vote for them is […]

Economic gloom with tax freebies, how does that add up?

In Monday’s Guardian, after some more upbeat comments from the Conservatives on the economy of late, David Cameron alerted us to the fact that the ‘red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy’. But why is he saying this now and how does this fit with the party conference tax […]