Katherine Morgan

Katherine is Sector Head of Financial and Business Services in the London office. Previously, Katherine spent six years at a large UK based consultancy, advising a range of blue chip clients, including EDF Energy, RSA Insurance Group, Network Rail, and Everything Everywhere (EE). Prior to consultancy, Katherine worked in the UK Treasury and European Commission for eight years specialising in taxation and expenditure policy.

Posts by Katherine Morgan

Balancing up: Analysing Rishi Sunak’s Budget

Some previous Chancellors have struggled to have their place in the sun. Gordon Brown famously developed the pre-budget report to stamp his authority in the House of Commons and help broaden the Treasury’s reach right across Whitehall. Of the many problems faced by Rishi Sunak over the past year, this has not been one. Today’s […]

Keir Starmer: Labour leader or future Prime Minister?

The election of Keir Starmer as Labour leader this weekend shows that in politics, as in life, anything is possible. Just a year ago we were contemplating the rise of Change UK, the resurgence of the Liberal Democrats and a fracturing of the British pollical system on the left and the right, forever more. Team […]

The Last Autumn Statement

Today saw the Chancellor’s first, and as it turns out his last, Autumn Statement to Parliament. In a comparatively short and business like (dare we say bland) statement Philip Hammond set out his ambition to prepare an economy that “works for everyone”. The most exciting rabbit that emerged saw the Chancellor announce that, from next […]

This Chancellor’s for turning

Following months of political infighting and internal lobbying amongst Whitehall departments, George Osborne finally revealed today the details of the Government’s spending plans until 2020 and where the £20bn in cuts to Whitehall budgets is going to be found. Displaying his usual masterful choreography at the dispatch box, the Chancellor aimed to regain the political […]

Feeling peaky: Is the tide turning for George Osborne?

Officials in the Treasury report that since the General Election George Osborne has exuded a new kind of confidence. This master tactician helped to deliver a surprise victory for the Conservatives. His plan for the economy seems to be working. The Summer Budget was a master-class in the art of economics and politics. It was […]

Eight days to go and it’s all to play for

With just eight days to go and the end in sight, the campaigns are ramping up a gear. The economy is now the key battleground. In a politically astute move that is likely to win them votes the Conservatives have today trumped the other parties in announcing legislation guaranteeing no rise in income tax, VAT […]