Jackson Wild

Jackson has recently joined Interel on a 3-month Internship. Before joining Interel, he assisted with the volunteer outreach programme for Zac Goldsmith during the 2016 London Mayoral Election. He has also acquired experience working within the Parliamentary Offices of Chris-Heaton Harris MP and Mike Weatherley MP, as well as interning at different campaign groups. Jackson graduated with a degree in Politics from the University of Salford in July 2015.

Posts by Jackson Wild

IndyRef clamour returns in a world altered by Brexit

On Monday, Nicola Sturgeon upstaged Theresa May on the day of the Article 50 vote with her announcement outlining her intention to begin the process for a second Scottish independence referendum. Recent figures from the annual Scottish Social Attitudes survey puts support for Scottish independence at an all-time high of 46%, although this would still […]

Re-launch complete: what has changed for Corbyn?

Although it is early days to judge the success of the ‘new and improved’ Jeremy Corbyn, the week of his relaunch has provided a good litmus test. A failure to secure a position on immigration, coupled with a somewhat confusing new proposal for a maximum salary cap, produced a calamitous relaunch for Corbyn 2.0. To […]

All quiet on the Western Front – Labour’s proxy battle

Just like Great War the massed armies battling for Labour’s future have taken to the trenches for Christmas. Although don’t expect a chorus of silent night and jumpers for goalposts in No Man’s Land. The usual suspects in the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) have gone quiet as we head into Christmas, but it doesn’t mean […]

You’re Hired: Donald Trump Elected as President of the United States of America

John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington … Donald Trump just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Eight years ago the world was waking up to the promise of hope and change, this morning whilst the doctrine of change still remains, fear and hate has replaced hope in dramatic fashion. President he will […]

Interel Brexit Breakfast with Sir Stephen Wall

This morning, Sir Stephen Wall, former Permanent Representative to the European Union for the United Kingdom, gave us his latest insight into the Britain’s negotiation process with the European Union, following the EU Referendum vote in June. With the dust starting to settle on what Brexit is going to look like, these were the ten […]

Osborne, Reborn?

On Monday, David Cameron decided to stand down from his duties as the Member for Witney, as he did not want to be an unwanted distraction from the task at hand for Theresa May. Step up George Osborne, who said that he doesn’t want to start writing his memoirs just yet as “he does not […]