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A Bold Agenda, Delayed

For a Government with a majority as strong as Boris Johnson’s, it really has been a frustrating year lost. Big numbers in the Commons usually translates to bold legislative agendas – but the Covid pandemic has necessarily curtailed these efforts as the focus across Government has been on sustaining the country through the crisis and […]

The Internal Markets Bill – The Controversy

When Brandon Lewis, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, admitted that the Internal Market Bill did indeed breach the UK’s international treaty obligations, albeit in a “specific and limited way” it was inevitable that this would cause an almighty row, and so it has proved. But was he wise to say this? Indeed, is […]

The Armed Forces and the Integrated Review

In more usual times, it’s easy to forget that the world is an inherently dangerous place. Whether or not you subscribe to a realist view, recent events like President Trump’s sabre rattling on Chinese culpability for the coronavirus pandemic, the exchange of fire between US and Iranian forces at the start of the year, and […]