Jamie Leich

Jamie is currently on a yearlong placement with Interel as part of his degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bath. Prior to Interel, he has worked as a constituency case worker and interned for Montpellier Public Relations. He also worked on the 2015 election and 2016 EU referendum campaigns. His research areas of interest include Parliament, counter terrorism, energy and sources of political apathy and disengagement.

Posts by Jamie Leich

GENERAL ELECTION: 20 days and counting

Four parties published their manifestos this week. On Tuesday Plaid Cymru and Labour published their manifestos. The Lib Dems launched theirs on Wednesday in an East London nightclub – probably the first club Vince Cable had been to since the 1960s. The Conservative manifesto was launched in Halifax yesterday. Theresa May began by saying “I […]

The Lib Dems’ almighty challenge to win Tory marginals

The Liberal Democrats have a problem. If they want to have any serious impact at this election, they need to win back seats they lost to the Conservatives in 2015, like Eastbourne, Lewes and Yeovil. In many of these seats though, UKIP had previously polled between 10-13% of the vote. If the local elections are […]

GENERAL ELECTION: 27 days and counting

Headlines The draft Labour manifesto was leaked to the press this week. The reaction to its contents was mixed. Whilst the Telegraph condemned the document as the most interventionist, fiscally reckless, left wing proposal of any party since the 1980s, the Mirror said that it is full of “highly popular” policies, such as nationalising rail […]

Theresa May turns back the clock on energy policy

Ahead of the expected publication of the Conservative manifesto next week, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the Government would seek introduce a cap on standard variable tariffs to limit the extent to which energy firms can increase their prices for consumers. The intention behind this policy is to close the gap between standard tariffs […]

GENERAL ELECTION: 34 days and counting

Headlines The Conservatives have won local and county council elections. Labour has been severely weakened, whilst the Lib Dems have regressed too, failing to capitalise on its supposed strong support from Remain voters. UKIP’s local support has all but collapsed, putting them on course to fall back to being the fourth party in percentage terms, […]

Interel’s Speculative Conservative Manifesto 2017

On Monday, the Tories will be publishing their manifesto. Here at Interel we have been dissecting the 2015 manifesto, and the various announcements made by the Government in the last year, in order to speculate about what may or may not be in the manifesto. We have been thinking about the kind of discussions the […]