Jamie Leich

Jamie is currently on a yearlong placement with Interel as part of his degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Bath. Prior to Interel, he has worked as a constituency case worker and interned for Montpellier Public Relations. He also worked on the 2015 election and 2016 EU referendum campaigns. His research areas of interest include Parliament, counter terrorism, energy and sources of political apathy and disengagement.

Posts by Jamie Leich

The Queen’s Speech: what was included, what was left out, and what happens next?

The Brexit Queen’s Speech? For months we’ve been told to expect a ‘Brexit Queen’s Speech’ – an agenda so focused on Brexit that all other legislation becomes secondary. Whilst domestic legislation has not been neglected altogether, with Bills on tackling domestic abuse, reforming the courts, and a consultation on social care, this Queen’s Speech was […]

Post-Election Analysis

As we take stock of last week’s shock General Election result and the pieces fall into place, Interel has provided an analysis of events over the last few days and look at what is likely to unfold in the coming days and weeks. You can read our full analysis here

General Election Morning Update

Summary of the night The UK has a Hung Parliament. Forecasts suggest the Conservatives have just enough MPs to form a working majority provided they can elicit support from the DUP, forming a coalition or electoral alliance. Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister is in doubt following a catastrophic gamble which looks set to end […]

The five scenarios we could wake up to after the General Election

Right now, filed somewhere in a Civil Service cabinet in Whitehall, is a folder containing several envelopes, all detailing the different scenarios that could come from the General Election result. Although Interel has not yet been tasked with running the Government, it is worth going through what the different scenarios could be, and what their […]

End of the campaign, election night and key constituencies to watch

As we enter the final stage of the General Election campaign, a synchronised sigh of relief was let out from journalists, pundits and politicos in Westminster. Whoever said six weeks was too short for a General Election campaign could not have predicted the roller coaster, we as a country, were about to embark on. The […]

GENERAL ELECTION: Six days and counting

 Headlines YouGov produced a forecast suggesting the UK is heading for a hung Parliament. All of the major polls have suggested that whilst the Conservatives are still the most popular party, the polls have significantly narrowed over the last six weeks. However, YouGov went out on a limb to suggest that the Conservatives could actually […]