Anna Jobling

Anna is a Consultant at Interel, working on a range of clients in financial services and consumer sectors. Anna returned to Interel in May 2014, having previously completed a placement year with in 2010. Prior to this, Anna worked at a communications consultancy specialising in public policy campaigns, stakeholder engagement programmes and media delivery across a range of sectors, including education, finance and transport.

Posts by Anna Jobling

China’s mask diplomacy: changing perceptions?

Life in China is slowly getting back to normal, with only a handful of ‘homegrown’ coronavirus infections, and almost all new cases coming from people returning to China from abroad. The Coronavirus in China is currently under control, which has been achieved faster than the government expected. The Chinese medical devices industry had been geared […]

Will the shock of coronavirus change the nature of the state?

It was only a week ago that the suggestion of £30bn in economic support for businesses to get them through the shock induced by the explosion of Covid-19 across Europe raised eyebrows among the more fiscally hawkish elements of the Conservative Party. Now, just seven days later, the Chancellor has announced £330bn of Treasury-backed loans […]

Will approaches to coronavirus encourage the ‘decoupling’ of the world economy?

Given that we don’t even know how the Covid-19 Coronavirus spreads, it is unsurprising that governments are taking different responses to the virus. How do we examine these approaches? Let’s look at a few examples. First, there is the swift and decisive approach. Taiwan and Singapore are very impressive examples of this and appear to […]

A radical-lite budget? Coronavirus meets levelling up

Regret. The last Prime Minister, one Tony Blair, with any significant parliamentary majority has always said this was his over-arching sense when reflecting on his lack of radicalism in his first term. Cummings and co seemed determined to learn that  lesson starting with this week’s Budget, always a big moment  for any new administration providing […]

Sunak’s public spending conundrum

This week’s Budget will provide an early, but problematic fork in the road for Boris Johnson’s budget. Set against the backdrop of Sajid Javid’s departure, it will be an important test for the new Chancellor and a demonstration of the control that Number 10 has managed to achieve over the Treasury. At the heart of […]

On the Road to Green Taxes

There’s one week to go until the Budget and as usual, press speculation is well underway. The papers have also enjoyed the added drama of the sudden resignation of Sajid Javid as Chancellor in February and his swift replacement with Rishi Sunak. Despite only having a month’s notice and new to the Cabinet table, Sunak […]