Anna Jobling

Anna is a Consultant at Interel, working on a range of clients in financial services and consumer sectors. Anna returned to Interel in May 2014, having previously completed a placement year with in 2010. Prior to this, Anna worked at a communications consultancy specialising in public policy campaigns, stakeholder engagement programmes and media delivery across a range of sectors, including education, finance and transport.

Posts by Anna Jobling

Insights from Labour Conference: The sun is shining

At Labour Conference last year, following a leadership challenge and months of infighting, Tom Watson said it was time to get the band back together. This year in Brighton, it was evident that the Labour Party had succeeded in doing just that. The frictions and disagreements we saw spilling out in 2016 have stayed beneath […]

Post-Election Analysis

As we take stock of last week’s shock General Election result and the pieces fall into place, Interel has provided an analysis of events over the last few days and look at what is likely to unfold in the coming days and weeks. You can read our full analysis here

Marmite politics

Westminster is back in action this week as MPs returned after the conference recess. The bubble has been reacting to the worrying news that stocks of marmite are running low at Tesco, after they refused Unilever’s demands to raise prices in the aftermath of the Brexit vote and fall in the pound. Perhaps what’s more […]

The End of Trench Warfare?

Back in the USSR? Much like the weather, this week’s Labour Party conference was often bleak with the odd glimmer of sunnier times to come. Labour headed into the conference after weeks of battling between the Cobynistas and so called moderates, each vying for their candidate to be the party leader. As was widely predicted, Corbyn was […]

Coalition negotiations: lessons from 2010

The scene is set for a hung parliament. The polls are showing that the Conservatives and Labour are struggling to secure much above 30% of the vote, and are both on course to win a similar number of seats. The days following the 7th May are likely to be just as exciting as those preceding the day […]