Alexander Cassells

Alex has joined Interel as a recent Political Science & Economics graduate from the State University of New York at Buffalo State where he was also on a football scholarship. Additionally, Alex has worked in the New York State Government and the Conservatives IN campaign for the UK to remain in the EU.

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GENERAL ELECTION: 13 days and counting

Political campaigning was suspended this week. Following Monday’s terrorist attack in Manchester, all parties suspended their constituency and national campaign activity. Local campaigning resumed Thursday afternoon, and national campaigning began again on Friday. The Office of National Statistics report on public sector finances was overshadowed by the terrorist attack in Manchester. Admittedly, the title of […]

How many ‘Gibraltars’ will there be over the next two years?

It’s Spring in the UK. The sun is out, Parliament and schools are on recess, and yet another political dispute has surfaced for Theresa May to manage. Gibraltar, a British overseas territory that has been largely unnoticed within the context of the Brexit discussions, became front page news last weekend following Lord Michael Howard’s suggestion […]