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Where the Conservatives stand on Brexit

To round off a week of big Brexit speeches, Theresa May delivered her vision for the Brexit negotiations. Red lines on the Single Market, Customs Union and Northern Ireland were drawn, despite several nods towards regulatory alignment. See the infographic below for a breakdown of the Conservative Party’s key positions as laid out by May.

Labour’s Brexit Policy

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s big Brexit speech, Jeremy Corbyn has outlined Labour’s position on key policy areas including the Single Market, Customs Union and more. Below we detail the key policy issues on which the Labour leader has now given greater clarity.

Shaping the narrative

With the next phase of Brexit negotiations on the horizon, the Conservatives have more than just a potential deal on their mind. After a slip in the polls following a month largely focused on domestic issues such as the budget, the Industrial Strategy and ministerial resignations and investigations; the next round of negotiations gives the […]