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Droning on regardless

In the age of coronavirus many of us have had to adjust to a different reality, a shake up to our routines and patterns. We have learnt that there are many ways our lives have changed, from the obvious – how we speak to friends and colleagues, to the more complex, or so it proved […]

From lockdown to flourishing towns?

It’s been a month without Premier League football now. Somehow, we are just about managing to cope. But picture this – Boris Johnson, having recovered from his Covid-19 symptoms, steps onto our TV screens at 5pm for the daily press conference we’ve all come to loathe and love in equal measure. He announces the one […]

General Election 2019: Lib Dems Winning Here?

Earlier this month Jo Swinson launched the Liberal Democrat campaign with an ambitious message that she is a credible candidate to be Prime Minister, and would do a better job than either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in the role.  On the back of successes in the local and European Elections earlier this year with […]

Five things to look out for in the Autumn Parliamentary session

With conference season firmly in the rear-view mirror, we now look ahead to the potential trials and tribulations of the Autumn session of Parliament, and it’s not all about Brexit. Here are our top five things to look out for: Brexit If the media reports are to be believed, Brexit negotiations are 90% complete. This […]

Where the Conservatives stand on Brexit

To round off a week of big Brexit speeches, Theresa May delivered her vision for the Brexit negotiations. Red lines on the Single Market, Customs Union and Northern Ireland were drawn, despite several nods towards regulatory alignment. See the infographic below for a breakdown of the Conservative Party’s key positions as laid out by May.

Labour’s Brexit Policy

Ahead of the Prime Minister’s big Brexit speech, Jeremy Corbyn has outlined Labour’s position on key policy areas including the Single Market, Customs Union and more. Below we detail the key policy issues on which the Labour leader has now given greater clarity.